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We have lived in this apartment for a month now and it’s starting to feel like home. The location is actually fantastic, 5 minutes walk to the LRT station, 10 minutes walk to the middle of Bangsar and 2 minutes walk to APW – an amazing old factory that is full of great restaurants and unique businesses. When I spotted Nadi I loved the facilities but never realised just how lucky we would be to live here.

So this is what it looks like to those who want to have a peak around the inside…




The view is pretty spectacular from every window!


Apartment living is very different to what I am used to in the UK. Firstly it gets dirty ALL THE TIME! Even though we follow the custom of removing shoes before entering a home (the apartment even has lockable cupboards outside the front door for your shoes), I still clean the floors most days. It’s just a dust haven

Understanding how to recycle took a little time, a lot of reading online posts and included the buying of different coloured bags. To recycle here, everything has a different coloured bag – the irony of using plastic bags to recycle your plastic is not lost on me!

Shared outside space is an interesting one. The pool is not well used at the moment, the block is about half full I’d say, and although large, the spaces to be near it are limited – sunbathing is not the done thing here. There are however lovely seating areas in the shade and a games room along with a gym, all a lift ride away. Having a balcony is great, especially with that sunset view, but I miss the garden at Woodville Drive, we have bought a few plants but it’s not the same.


The pool area

Getting the temperature right is difficult. The fan is too dramatic – I feel like I’m in an 80s pop video, and not in a good way. The air con is too cold after 10 minutes (yes I know I can adjust the temperature), plus I love the fresh warm air so often have the door open instead. So its either up and down like a yoyo turning the air con off and on or sweat and just embrace it, my stubborn nature doesn’t do me any favours!

Cooking. I don’t really feel like I have got into my rhythm with this yet. In the UK, I’d cook lots of different cuisines, from all around the world. Here I feel like it’s better from x down the road and probably cheaper than I can source the ingredients – so what’s the point trying! Oh and there’s Food Panda, a takeaway delivery service, so you don’t even have to go out for your favourite foods. Maybe I should just bake cakes…

The roof garden

Food shopping is interesting. I have found a few good supermarkets that do online delivery, but living in an apartment means it needs to be carried from the front door (trolleys are not allowed in the building) to the lift then to the apartment, now that doesn’t sound too bad, except when you order a months worth of water, on top of a weekly shop. Hot isn’t the word.

The Internet. Now this is a touchy subject in apartment 33-11. We have apparently the best broadband provider in Malaysia, boasting unto 500MB speed. Only it can’t reach the bedroom and sometimes takes blooming ages to load a page, in the words of Jim Royle 500MB ‘my arse.’ Now this is due to the fireproof walls in the apartment apparently and the company are unwilling to provided better equipment to boost the signal, so we are at an impasse, we are refusing to pay and they are taking their time to try solve the problem. Communicating our frustrations has, lets say, been frustrating!

Lesson learnt

  1. I clean more here in a week than I previously did in a month – wow my house must of been dirty in the UK!
  2. Recycling here costs money – you have to buy the different coloured bags!
  3. I am stubborn, so am therefore invariably always hot
  4. I should invest in a wheelie trolley for shopping and embrace my inner Granny
  5. Customer service (more on this in another post to be written) is interesting here!

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