Making Mangosteen ‘Ice cream’


Food in Malaysia, as I have already said is amazing, the range and variety is so plentiful it is genuinely hard to decide and often cheaper to eat out than in. I do however love to cook and experiment in the kitchen so have tried a few recipes out. The fruit and veg here is something to experience, from Durian, the king of fruits (still need to give this a go – maybe tonight!) to different types of bananas, who knew! But it is the queen of fruit that I chose to experiment with first.


Mangosteen is a fruit I’d never seen or heard of until Instagram, see social media can be educating too. Last Wednesday I spotted a pic of the queen of fruits with the tag line, ‘one of the best fruits ever!’ and out on an adventure at a green market that afternoon I spotted them – a basket for RM10 (under £2), cue me promptly snapping them up.

Their intended destiny – Non-dairy ice cream. I wanted to try making ice cream for the first time without milk and without an ice cream maker, yes I like a challenge. Surprisingly it was a success,

yes I will continue to adapt, next time for instance I’m going to boil up the coconut milk first and dissolve the sugar into it. But it tastes good (especially with a bit of dark chocolate) with a texture somewhere between sorbet and ice-cream, and best of all it was relatively low maintenance.




2 cups of mangosteens

1 cup coconut milk

1/2 cup natural cane sugar (any sugar will do)

>prep 15 mins and stirring every 30 min’s for 3 hrs if you don’t have an ice cream maker.

Start by slicing into the outer shell and prising open the skin to reveal the bulbs. I did this in the sink as the shell can stain! Carefully look for the seed/s and remove.

Measure out the other ingredients and use a blender to get a smooth consistency. Place in container and freeze. Every 30 mins take out and give it a good stir, do this for 3 hrs – I set a timer as I would’ve forgot!

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