Kimchi isn’t by any stretch new, I know, but now I have time (and ‘coughs’ am getting older) I have started watching documentaries and reading articles about health and food. I tried pineapple kefir, a fermented juice, which was delicious and started reading into the benefits. Good bacteria for the gut is essential for a healthy lifestyle and has many health benefits. This Korean staple is easy to make and can be served with just about anything!


>prep time 10 min’s

1 Chinese cabbage – I used red cabbage

3 garlic cloves, crushed

Thumb sized piece of ginger


  1. Slice the cabbage as small as possible, add a table spoon of good quality salt and mix, set aside and leave for at least an hour.
  2. Make the pickling liquor; Mix the vinegar, sugar, chilli & sauce, ginger, garlic and fish sauce (if using) and let stand.
  3. Mix the grated carrots, spring onions and radish (if using). When the cabbage is ready rinse off the salt and add all the ingredients into one bowl, mixing well.

It can be eaten immediately or will be fine for 2 weeks in the fridge (the longer it’s left the better it will taste!)

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