The Best Restaurants And Cafes In Kuala Lumpur

I have spent a lot of time since living here reading blogs, using apps and reading reviews of places to go. But every time I want to go out to eat or drink I can’t remember where I want to try or what area it is in. So I spent many hours compiling a list of places I either love or want to try so that I never have that dreaded, where shall we go moment again. Some of the areas cross over so forgive me if somewhere is closer to another area than the one I’ve said, in the words of Gill Scott Heron I’m (still) new here!

*Note I will update this as I find out more about a place/do more research…

KLCity Centre

Tapak Urban Street Dining Street food trucks serving lots of different food. Borrowed from Trip Advisor comments on how to get there – “Once you arrive at LRT KLCC, you will see Avenue K mall, enter Avenue K mall, look for cotton on shop, you will see exit door near the mall, across the street then go to Le Apple, toward Corus, and cross the street again!”

Baba Nyonya Avenue K – Apparently good Nyonya food, which I’m a sucker for!

The KL Journal Bukit Bintang – Open mic nights here and looks nice

Lot 10  Under Isetan the Japan store (see below). Lots of hawker stalls all under one roof, can be a bit intimidating when busy as its not massive but also fun.

The whole 4th floor in Isetan The Japan Store oh so chic. Restaurants look amazing and when I was in there they had good drinks promosi!

Loco Mexican  a veggie friendly Mexican restaurant on Changkat!

Pinchos Big claim coming here – but this is the best tapas I’ve ever had (and I ate a lot of it in Barcelona a few years ago). I love this place, it’s not cheap but it is very good and you get to tick the items you want on the order list.

Opium Another great offering, our go to place on Changkat when people visit. Good food, live music and if you can book a booth even better.

Sun Chui Yuen on Jalan Alor or Yellow Table Cloth restaurant as many call it. TH food is excellent and the staff are friendly.

Ola bowls  In Pavilion shopping centre serving a heathly brunch –  delivering the trend of the smoothie bowl.

Celadon Thai A good Thai place in the city centre, also Pavilion

Din Tai Fung By far my favourite dim sum place, only ever been to Pavilion branch as I did hear the other weren’t as good – not sure this is actually true though!

Dolly Dim Sum

Dolly Dim Sum Have been to the branch at Pavilion and at Nu Sentral both good and reasonable in price.

Xin cuisine (Concorde hotel) On my list as I am told it is one of the best dim sum places.



Pahit One of my favourite places to get a drink, amazing gin selection.

Marini’s on 57 My favourite view of the towers, there is a strict dress code.

Elysium Good late night place with a great view.

Heli Lounge It’s a cliche but a good one. Great view and good drinks – book a table if there’s a few of you.

TREC KL – A purpose built F&B place with bars & clubs including Zouk close by.


RGB Coffee Vegan/Veggie place which looks great.

Black ink no6 Newish coffee and food place.

VCR Love this place, the food is excellent, the coffee is great and the space is great to hang out in.

Brickfields & Chinatown


The Toast co A great cafe to get amazing meals based around toast. Their passionfruit tea is unreal!

LoKL Another great find attached to a hostel. Great food, atmosphere and service.

Food and Beverage

The Geographer Been here a few times now, nice atmosphere and always a beer promotion.

Piu piu piu/art space + fono great coffee at Piu Piu Piu and great vibes at Fono

Precious (Central Market) – Great Nyonya cuisine, plus beautiful inside.

Vishal Food & Catering near the temples on Jalan Scott is the best banana leaf I’ve had! There are two with the same name 4 doors apart. The shop with yellow exterior was the one I tried and I will 100% be going back.

  • Hoppers/colony
  • Curry puff Mr. Yeong
  • Lucy in the sky
  • Shuangxi (bar)
  • Lawanya food court ( near gallery)
  • Restoran happy
  • Saravanaa Bhavan
  • Kurin Nu sentral poke bowls

Petaling street

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Petaling street market

YU Noodle Cuisine A great place to grab some yummy noodles, the owners and staff are lovely too!

Ray & Chocha A great restaurant/cafe downstairs and a lovely bar upstair, so called Ray as the sun shines through!

  • Old China cafe
  • Merchants Lane

PS150 My favourite bar by far, amazing drinks and excellent venue.

Nr Dang Wangi station

  • Yut Kee restaurant
  • restaurant kin kin – dry chilli pan mee
  • Bacchus Wine & Tapas Bar



Ok I love this place, they do amazing events and everywhere I have tried is excellent…

Pulp by Papa Palheta coffee is amongst the best I’ve had,

Breakfast Thieves is worth the queue, the Leprechaun  is my brunch choice –  delicious as is the coffee.

Proof Pizza + Wine is my go to treat either as takeaway or to sit in,

and the Airstream Cafe KL serve excellent drinks, with a the very hard to find elderflower – win win!

Agak Agak I am still to try, but I recently read it was a social enterprise, which has made me even more keen to go.

Kaiju is a super stylish and incredibly yummy Thai Japanese fusion place that has killer fried chicken.

Larong Kurau

Barat Great vegetarian mediterranean restaurant with delicious food that is carefully considered. Good for a special occasion.

The Ganja Cafe My favourite place to eat. The food is fantastic but the owners and staff are what makes the place. They make food that isn’t just delicious but its vegetarian and good for you.

Baba Low They now have 2 outlets, the one I have visited on Larong Kurau and one near the LRT station. I love their Laksa, top hats and popiah, my favourite place for some comfort food. Must try their new outlet soon.

Bangsar South

Botinica & co What a beautiful setting. I have been twice now, once to the deli and once to the restaurant. Both excellent, the restaurant is great for a special occasion, beautiful setting.

  • Sukaphat Thai vegetarian

Bangsar Shopping Centre

The Good Co Amazing coffee, great food and a wide variety of healthy vegan/veggie food. Love it!

  • Busba heavenly Thai


Devi’s great for breakfast, love their masala dosa (thosai), roti canai and teh tarik.

Sri Nirvana Maju

Sri Nirvana Maju Apparently the best but I wouldn’t know as I have nothing to compare it with. I wouldn’t risk going anywhere else to find out! I was recently taken to Vishal Food & Catering and it is a definite contender!

Saravanaa Bhavan

Saravanaa Bhavan love this vegetarian Indian restaurant, their Thali is amazing!

VCR great coffee and a good place to work. Their VCR hotcakes are delicious but you might want to share it!

The Tiny Temptress unicorn cake

The Tiny Temptress the cutest and tastiest cakes!

  • Bobo KL (not technically the Telawi’s but close)
  • Fancy Breakfast club
  • Bar Atas – Weds promo on Guinness & wine
  • Idili only
  • AD cocktail bar
  • Natures vegetarian

Bangsar Village

  • Mantra – rooftop bar
  • Paradise dynasty
  • Wondermama

Marmalade Great healthy options for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Their sesame biscuits are awesome.

Near LRT

DrInc tiles

Dr.Inc Beautiful inside and fantastic food. Really want to go to their Friday lunch buffet one week as it always looks epic!

Makan House What a gem. So lovely inside and great food. Nice to find somewhere doing traditional Malaysian food that you can go to for a special occasion. This may become a regular haunt for me!

  • Southern Rock seafood
  • Coley
  • Baba Low’s
  • Fierce Curry House

Mid Valley/ Gardens

  • Enoshima
  • Fresca
  • An Viet

Publika & surrounding area

  • LN fortunate coffee Malaysia
  • Ales and lager
  • Farinhiet 600
  • Namoo
  • Ploy
  • Shell out
  • Fin – poke bowl
  • Ekkamai
  • Ben’s
  • The Bee


  • Hello by Kitchen mafia
  • Butter & beans
  • Food Foundry
  • My Burger lab
  • Stratosphere @ the roof – helipad cinema
  • Frontera Sol of Mexico – tues offers
  • Makhan by Kitchen mafia
  • Pho king
  • Fatty crab


  • (Ru Di Fook, Rimba & rusa, ziffy)
  • The pawn room – speakeasy
  • Raisin the roof – healthy veggie lunch & Huckleberry & jungle bird (same area)
  • The locker and loft – cocktail bar
  • Pickle & Fig healthy nice food &
  • Wine Kaki, The grumpy cyclist, Aether Cafe, Farm to plate, goodness greens cafe)
  • The great beer bar, bonfire bar & food,
  • Fei fei crab restaurant
  • Oliver Gourmet – reasonable wine shop/bar)
  • Kon rak pak veggie Thai
  • (Sala, kind kones, Souled out, bricks and barrels, the prep room, )
  • Tika Taka & SIDS  (near bangsar)
  • Birch &  jack rose (near bangsar)
  • Craft origin – coffee

Further afield

  • Garage 51 & organic veggie fresh Mart
  • The garage

Gigs et al

  • Perfect square space TTDI
  • Live fact
  • Playspace
  • Merdekarya
  • Bangsar – savage & Six

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