Blogger Recognition Award

I am delighted to be nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by April of Just Leaving Footprints. It is a great award to recognise bloggers and the hard work they do, as we all know it takes a huge amount of commitment and hustle to be successful in this world! Sharing other bloggers work is a great example of lifting others up and realising there’s enough pie to go around, I love it.

The rules for the award

  1. Once you have been nominated you make a post like this one and thank your nominator with a shout out. Thanks again to April
  2. In the post, share a short story about how your blog started.
  3. Share two pieces of advice to bloggers just starting out.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award as well!

Blogger recognition award

My Story

I have been blogging on and off for 10 years, writing blogs on life, the work I’ve been making and cooking. When I moved to Kuala Lumpur last year I wanted to share my experiences with others. To create destination guides so people can have the best time in the places I’ve been lucky enough to travel to. I like to think of my blog as a lifestyle blog with a travel theme. So you might find product reviews on skincare (as I’m totally obsessed with it since living in Asia) or my favourite recipes but they will be linked to the fact I live in KL and that I travel.

My Advice

Identify your theme, voice and why. Whatever you’re going to write about you need to love it, there’s nothing like writing a post you don’t care about to make you procrastinate! Writing with passion is what gains you a real following, those who want to read everything you post.

Don’t get caught up in the numbers. Traffic stats and increasing your social media followers can be frustrating at times. Yes it’s important but if you keep posting quality content, consistently they will come. Everybody has different success on different platforms; don’t worry if one isn’t doing as well as another, just keep posting, it will happen.

Blogger recognition award

My Blogger Recognition Award Nominees

I spent a lot of time finding blogs that really appealed to me, adding them to my reading list on Bloglovin so I can keep up with them. I wanted to find a mix of new and more established blogs that contained content on subjects I like to read and write about. So here they are, go show them some love…

  1. Life On Waller Cassie is a young mom and wife who shares practical solutions and inspiration for young moms to tackle the mom life and still feel like you. Lovely images and style on her bit of the web.
  2. Love Yourself To Love Yourself is a lovely blog by fellow Mel Wells Goddess Academy member Kate. It’s about learning to love yourself; you can even sign up to her selflove challenge.
  3. Wellie is a beautiful food & travel blog run by Wellie based in LA. Her recipes and travels look amazing!
  4. Diaries From The Window Seat Eryn is a graduate with a love of travel. I love her images and they way she writes.
  5. Teryn’s Travels is a blog run by Teryn, a travel and bruch lover from San Francisco. A great blog, I especially love her travel tips!
  6. The Joyce Collective is an incredibly stylish blog by Joyce who is a design creative and illustrator. Her images and posts are beautifully curated, I love her bucket list post – some of them are on mine too!
  7. Merfleur Jessi is the curator of this sleek and beautifully designed blog. In her words it is ‘The story of a life by the sea–capturing natural beauty and cultivating an organic, nourishing and mindful approach to the everyday.’
  8. The Good Wear An incredibly stylish ethical clothing blog run by Kelly. I love the concept of saving the world whilst still looking stylish. Skincare and cosmetics are featured too; it can be really hard to find ethical products so a great find for me.
  9. Capital Blonde is a wonderfully designed and colourful blog by Neena. She has some great travel destinations and food ideas. The colours though, wow!
  10. Realistic Adventures is run by Kelly and is about travelling realistically, not the usual over processed photos, but real advice on how to travel. She quit her job to pursue a life writing and traveling (I can get on board with that!) and writes her blog to document her experiences. She has a great Instagram too!
  11. Travels & Flaires I found Miri’s blog though her perfectly curated Instagram. I love the style and look of the blog. It’s relatively new and I look forward to seeing more from her.
  12. Chia Chi is full of healthy recipes and food ideas, for a variety of diet needs. Each recipe states who it would be suitable for, vegan, gluten free and even diabetic. A beautiful site full of lovely images.
  13. As Kim Travels Kim blogs about her adventures as a solo traveller, she has traveled to 40 countries by the age of 21, so knows a thing or two about solo travel. She offers lots of advice and travel tips.
  14. Rhiannon Travels Is run by Rhiannon and Russell who travel together as a couple. Their site is full of excellent articles about destinations and tips on travelling.
  15. James’s Travel Photos James likes to travel and take photos. His blog is full of excellent destinations and great photos.

Congratulations to all above, hope you enjoy finding other blogs to read and recommend for the Blogger Recognition Award as much as I did. If you have other suggestions of blogs to read, please leave them in the comments – I’m always looking for good reading material. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you! It sure can be a tough gig, you’re right though it is a lot of fun.

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