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I’m a Yorkshire born girl who lived in Nottingham for 12 years and decided to move to Kuala Lumpur to see what life is like here. I want to understand what it is like to live life in a different country. What makes people happy here and what it’s like to live in a capital city that is also a transport hub for South East Asia.

My career has been varied to date, doing many jobs in my life, 24 different ones to be precise. I’ve sold a variety of goods through different businesses, served tables, managed pubs and shops, worked in call centres, been a secondary school teacher and worked as a children’s entertainer, the last two aren’t linked, although some days it felt like they were!

Working for myself in a creative industry was where I truly thrived. Studying a degree in 3D crafts led me to work for myself as a blacksmith when I first graduated. But a declining economy made it hard for my small business to succeed. Even though I sold a few pieces and had a few commissions there wasn’t a market to sustain such an expensive craft.

I created my first blog nearly 10 years ago to document my work and making processes. Fondly writing musings about life and documenting recipes, on various blogs ever since. I now focus on lifestyle content, blogging about food, books, beauty, life, and observations of the world around me.

I love writing as it feels like sharing something about life, a different perspective. From that respect I really love reading other people’s blogs too. I write because I want to share my experiences with others; the recipes I’ve loved, the books I’ve read and the places I’ve visited.

As well as blogging I more recently started making small-scale metal work using precious metals. Incorporating my love of all things fauna and floral into my work; like mini versions of the gates I used to make. My love for making things extends through my designs, to my writing and into my life.

If you want to see more about living in Malaysia look here… Living in Malaysia – What is it like?

Feel free to have a look around and if you want to work with me or get in touch please email claire@ayorkshiregirltravels.com or visit my work with me page for more details.

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